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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Mavenization (M10N) of Tomcat Build Process - Should Tomcat Be Migrated to Maven 2?
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2007 22:45:44 GMT
Paul Shemansky wrote:
> Key features that may be useful to us are :
> - The Standard Directory Layout - Specifically, multi-module builds.
> This might make managing individual components easier for catalina,
> coyote, naming, jsp/servlet api/implementation, connector, etc.

"might" isn't a compelling argument.

> - Model-Based builds - Automatic packaging for the individual modules.

Our build script does this.

> - Dependency Management - Whether it is Apache or another third-party,
> dependencies can all easily be plugged in.

There are only a few and they are easily managed with the current
build process.

> - Distribution Management - Packaging and Deployment - Although Tomcat
> has a structured distribution model with Ant, Maven could make this
> easier with its assembly plugin.  This also allows outside entities to
> easily embed specific Tomcat components or customize the server to
> suit their needs, (i.e. containers like Geronimo and JBoss, IDE
> plugins for Eclipse or Tomcat.)

Easier how?

> - Project Site and Report Generation. - The Tomcat documentation site
> may benefit greatly, but the Maven reporting plugins seem to be the
> bigger win here.

"May" isn't compelling. What reporting? What do we get that we want to
get don't currently?

> As a new ASF / Tomcat contributor, I am hesitant to step on toes.
> But, I vote that we eat the dog food.  This migration would certainly
> be something that I could dedicate myself to, and I believe I could
> make the transition seamless for all of us.  I look forward to hearing
> from you.  Whether you vote Yes or No, I am still happy to be working
> with you. :)

Overall -1. I just don't see the point. The current process is nice
and simple and works. If it ain't broke...


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