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From Giampaolo Capelli <>
Subject mod_jk balancer and failure detection
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2007 07:45:36 GMT
hi there everyone,
I'm new to the list.

I would like mod_jk to detect when the Tomcat JVM got into an 
so that mod_jk avoid to forward request to that Tomcat.

If I'm not wrong, it could happen that the mod_jk balancer forward a 
request to a JVM in such a state,
since the mod_jk isn't able to recognize as crashed a Tomcat in 

I would like to write a patch for the mod_jk to add such feature,
but I don't know the code at all,
could someone get me introduced to it?

Any suggestions? Mini how-to? Support?
I would appreciate them so much and I promise to try any attempt to add 
this feature,
if I can figure out how things work in the mod_jk core and in its 

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