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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Commit policy for native Tomcat connectors
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2007 13:46:23 GMT

since the main project agreed on trying a new policy for commits against 
stable branches, I think we should clarify our policy concerning the 
native parts of Tomcat connectors (JK and tcnative).

Both have only one active branch, which at the moment is the stable 
branch as well as the development branch.

The primary purpose of the commit policy is helping to interact the 
comitters in a way, that provides a good balance between innovation and 
stability. The group of committers for the two native projects has a 
different structure than the main Tomcat project.

I think that until now we didn't have any incidents that indicate, that 
we should switch to a new policy for the native projects. It's possible, 
that this will be necessary, once development for JK3 really starts, in 
order to concentrate our efforts on the new branch.

I would like to gather opinions from the group concerning the momentary 

- do you also think we can stick to CTR for

    - JK native?

    - tcnative?

I don't expect a lot of change for JK 1.2 (new features) and I think 
we'll switch over to JK3 for all major new features. But since we didn't 
have a problem with CTR on JK 1.2, I would prefer sticking to that (for 



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