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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: Review model take 2
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2007 06:40:29 GMT

"William A. Rowe, Jr." <> wrote in message
> Bill Barker wrote:
>> Remy was being really nice to the community by not requiring a vetoed 
>> patch
>> to be withdrawn.  Personally, I would go with j-f-c's position, and 
>> withdraw
>> a vetoed patch immediately (and have done so on several occations, even 
>> when
>> I got to re-apply it after enough discussion took place on the list).
>> However, I'll go with whatever the community consensus is on this point.
> But isn't that statement too broad (to apply to trunk, I agree that in a
> ready-to-release anytime sort of branch, disputed things should disappear
> for a while)...

There is no trunk in Tomcat :), and likely won't be until the sooner of a 
[PROPOSAL] or the Servlet 3.0 spec is published.

As I said, personally I revert patches on a veto, pending discussion.  But 
I'm going to back the majority on this point whichever way it goes.

> It's in the context.  If Joe suggests "hey, -1 to the way you presented
> that, if you fix X you have my support" then it should stick a round a
> while and let them sort it out.
> If Joe says "this feature isn't going to be acceptable because Y", well
> then there isn't much to discuss at that point, and it probably should be
> backed out right away while the basic idea is debated.
> Clear A/B options sometimes aren't that effective. 

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