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From Filip Hanik - Dev Lists <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r575332 - in /tomcat/tc6.0.x/trunk: java/org/apache/naming/resources/ webapps/docs/changelog.xml
Date Sat, 15 Sep 2007 13:44:24 GMT
Mladen Turk wrote:
> Bill Barker wrote:
>> Now, I'd prefer that TC is just the Servlet/JSP container that it is 
>> meant to be, and not try to add on proprietary features.  But that is 
>> just me ;).
> You are not the only one ;)
> Seems we have lost the clear vision of the project somewhere
> in the flame wars.
> It has become a common rule rather then a exception that
> code gets committed without any prior discussion.
> Although this particular patch might be useful, bringing
> it inside in the middle of the branch lifetime is something
> unacceptable without prior discussion, notifying users
> about TODO long before the actual release having that feature
> will appear.
> From a user PoV this makes each Tomcat release as *surprise*
> with a question WTF changed from the last version.
> Tomcat6 is now at version 6.0.14 and who can tell what 6.0.15
> will look alike? Not to mention the 6.0.20 :)
but this is what you all wanted, saying "we don't want trunk, all these 
features we can still do in 6.0.x", there were also lines like
"6.0.x is not the maintenance branch that you think it is" and "we never 
promised API's not to change between releases" (specifically when the 
issue dot releases were on the table)

imho, trunk should have stayed, all these features should have gone in 
there, including the API changes for digester, which are now also 
lurking in 6.0.x.
So if you take away the community's place to put in new features, don't 
expect the developers to simply not add them, when there is a demand for 
And expecting everyone to maintain a personal sandbox, is not very 
rational either. Trunk, is, and has always been, the place of new 
features for the next release. with more relaxed rules around what goes in.

With the specific feature, I too would have preferred it would go into a 
place like trunk, so that the user wouldn't get a WTF, and that the 
feature would have some more time to mature. but that has been made 
impossible, so when the feature is useful, where does one put it?
> This simply has to stop.

taking trunk away, this turn of events is expected. I wish everyone 
would have thought of that before we got caught up in the personal, and 
not what is important, trunk debate.

there is of course a remedy, bring trunk back, will solve several problems
1. Geronimo will be able to get their tomcat release off of a official 
2. 6.0.x won't introduce daily WTF with each new dot release
3. Features get time to mature, and might even be reconsidered.

If this was the case, I'd be happy to RM for that branch, once we think 
we have an alpha ready for some testing.


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