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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Send trunk to the sandbox
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2007 15:43:00 GMT

On Aug 22, 2007, at 8:06 AM, wrote:

>> Remy Maucherat wrote:
>> Yeah right. So to summarize, we have 3 committers who are happy  
>> campers
>> (2 of them which don't contribute much, as far as I know), and the  
>> rest
>> of the committers are either do not care or are unhappy. Most also  
>> want
>> a change in the development process, and as long as there's  
>> agreement on
>> that and it respects the ASF principles, we should be able to do  
>> that.
> Bah. In neither angry nor happy.
> My impression was trunk was going to be wacky new stuff which broke
> existing api's and configurations with 6.0. Much like 5.0 --> 5.5.
> In reality that didn't happen - we just got some comet changes.  
> (I'm not
> saying this is good or bad - it's just and observation)

While it's more fun to watch from the sidelines, I'm afraid I'll have  
to get involved here to point out that you are wrong about this.   
trunk contains an entirely new and incompatible with 6.0.x annotation  
processing framework which is in use in the Geronimo integration.   
Remy suggested and I agreed that it would not be appropriate for an  
api change of this magnitude to go in a 6.0.x revision.  While Remy  
was certainly the committer most involved in applying these changes,  
IIRC there was some support from at least one other committer.  In  
Geronimo we are anxiously awaiting an official tomcat release with  
these agreed upon api changes, so we tend to view the proposal  
eliminate trunk with  some concern.

david jencks

> Now we are in a technical debate between comet implementation  
> between Remy
> and Filips "designs". This has seemed to migrate into a personal  
> attack in
> a subtle manner.
> Such is life when coding. Disagreements occur, feeling are hurt and  
> email
> is the worst method of communicating an emotional topic since words  
> are
> amplified. (Sometime on purpose, other times by accident).
> My hope is this too shall pass and all is good again.
> Personally - I am not very clueful on comet other than the basics. I'd
> love to get the clue - but I can't find and work related projects to
> justify the time. That leaves me out in the cold due to this  
> conversation.
> I feel any vote by me would be a bad vote because of my ignorance  
> on the
> topic. It seems others are in the same situation.
> All that being said - I'd love to see Remy and Filip agree on comet  
> and
> remove trunk. It would be a shame to see either leave due to these
> disputes.
> -Tim
> (Away for training in Boston this week (Kendall Square))
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