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From "George MATKOVITS" <>
Subject Re: POJO Application Server for Tomcat
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2007 05:29:25 GMT
I like its Java Application/Java Class like behavior. Unfortunately it seems 
to miss probably the EJB's most important function: 'Transaction Support'. 
Please describe how to add or point to some documentation.
Thank you -- George

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From: "Lilianne E. Blaze" <>
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Subject: Re: POJO Application Server for Tomcat
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2007 21:55:41 +0200
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Be more specific please? What problems does it solve?
How is that specific to Tomcat, instead of just any servlet container?

Greetings, Lilianne E. Blaze

Johnny Kewl wrote:
 > I'd like to show you guys something that I think may blow your minds.
 > Firstly let me just say that I call myself a hobbyist, dont consider 
myself in the same league as the guru's that work on Tomcat and Apache, but 
I do spend an enormous amount of time playing with technology. One can 
almost measure how much I like a technology by how much time I stay in the 
mailing lists, on Postgresql I think it was 3 months, and I really like that 
product, on Tomcat it must be close to a year and still counting, what a 
fantastic product.
 > In our office Tomcat is now officially the delivery mechanism for 
 >  First I was impressed with Tomcats web abilities, then more and more 
with its container ability, we discovered that it can run any code, and even 
if it wasnt intended for the web, we started sticking applications into 
Tomcat anyway....that idea has now come a long way.
 > I call it a POJO Application server, I've mentioned before that we 
actually popping full java applications out of browsers, but then it was 
very much something only I could use, messy libraries etc. What I've done 
now is (try) make a more professional package, and it would be really nice 
if the guru's just have a little read about this unbelievable servlet, and 
let me know what you think, if just to see how someone is using your Tomcat, 
in a very unusual way.
 > As you will see, I dont like EJB containers, but I love Tomcat, and it 
was almost inevitable that this would happen.
 > All I will say is that this is no ordinary application server... not 
unless I missed something and you can also just drop a POJO application into 
the others and make it remoteable.
 > I think its a new way of looking at application servers, it feels like a 
discovery to me, but then who knows maybe there is something out there like 
this, I dont know, all I do know is that when we drop this servlet into 
Tomcat, we run POJO applications over the wire as if they were right their 
on the client machine, the same applications that will also run standalone 
on the machine. Its so different that I really struggled to find the 
relevent theory behind this technology, I think I'm close, but any pointers 
or corrections would be much appreciated there as well.
 > Anyway, would just like to thank all the Tomcat'ers that have helped me 
out, people like Chuck, Bill, Christopher, Leon, David, Mark, Mladen... and 
if I forgotten you, sorry, so many, it really is the best mailing list on 
the web.
 > Oh! you'll see its only certified for Tomcat ;)
 > Only thing left to do now is see if I get Tomcat to make coffee, and 
clean the pool... and maybe get this to run on something fishy, you know, 
just in case someone needs a real application server ;)
 > Thanks
 > Johnny

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