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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: Juli/Logging
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2007 09:51:33 GMT
Forget the previous post, it contained garbage at the end

Hi Remy,

if we only want to give an alternative for the SimpleFormatter:

that one is not configurable, so it's capabilities are printing out a 
localized timestamp, after that the class and method, a localized level 
string, and last the log message. All of those are basically given by 
the log record, level localization is provided by the Level class, 
Timestamp is not problem (milliseconds in the log record), and should 
also contain the millisesond fraction.

Of course we could add configurability in a next step, which would 
basically mean an accesslog/log4j like pattern string for the log line.

The log record carries the following information:

- level
- message
- milliseconds timestamp
- source class and method name
- thread id
- logger name
- sequence number (interesting feature, so one can easily describe, 
which message instance in a log one is talking about)

and more complex objects

- thrown (throwable associated with the record)
- resource bundle and/or resource bundle name to format message string
- parameters, log data extension

The simple objects could be configured by a simple pattern character, 
the more complex ones need more thought :)

I think already the direct simpleformatter replacement, even without 
configurability would be an improvement!

If that formatter would work with j.u.l. i.e. without juli, I would love 
it even more. The configurability of course might add a slight 
dependency to juli (where do we get the parameters from, i.e. how do we 
pass the information from to the formatter). Not 
really a dependency, but probably additional setters that are called by 
juli, and when using the formatter in j.u.l one would have to write the 
code that calls the setters oneself (or use juli).



Remy Maucherat wrote:
> Rainer Jung wrote:
>> That's why it would be nice if someone took the burden of writing a 
>> better log formatter for j.u.l.
> What should it look like ?
> Rémy

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