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From "Jason Corley" <>
Subject Re: Inlining dependencies
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2007 18:01:04 GMT
> I absolutely despise how that is built. It makes building that jar a
> complete NIGHTMARE. Presently we do not offer than jar on Gentoo and I
> have no plans to. Or worse potential ways to.

Before I mention how we solved this problem for JPackage let me say
that I agree with William that this sort of thing makes the packager's
job needlessly complicated.  I've never been fond of the technique but
I need JNDI resources to work out of the box so I had to come up with
a solution.

It took us quite a while in JPackage to come up with something that
did not require the tomcat SRPM to be distributed with three
additional projects sources or to heavily patch tomcat itself.
Eventually we settled on a custom ant task (written by Matt Wringe) for
jakarta-commons-{collections,dbcp,pool} packages that generates the
repackaged org.apache.tomcat.dbcp as part of a -tomcat5 subpackage (I
wish now I'd thought to name them without the trailing five).   The
benefit is that it is now all part of the j-c-{collections,dbcp,pool}
build process, and the resulting subpackage is not installed by
default and not required by anything other than tomcat.  Convoluted
admittedly, but it allows us to keep the versions in sync globally
while allowing JNDI resources to work from a built from source
solution.  I've been using this solution in a couple of production
environments with no problems.


P.S. If anyone is interested in the ant build.xml stubs they are here:

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