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From "Lilianne E. Blaze" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat supporting PHP
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2007 06:49:41 GMT
Joe Nathan wrote:
> arjan tijms wrote:
>> I'm not really sure about that. For instance, even PHP web sites 'admit' 
>> that Java is a great deal larger:
>> Typically book stores (at least in Europe) carry more book about Java 
>> than about PHP.  On top of that, job websites offer more jobs relating 
>> to Java than to PHP. A lot depends on your point of view of course. If 
>> you're into affiliate marketing, you might think the entire world is 
>> PHP. Most of the small affiliate websites are indeed using PHP. On the 
>> other hand, if you look at financial systems (banking, travel, etc) you 
>> would think the entire world is nothing but Java EE.
> You only see from your own pond. There are a lot bigger community
> out there! There are far more people doing some kind of web-development
> for own business, personal website, or professional web-development.
> These people don't know much programming, not counted in programmining 
> market. Many of them know PhP, ASP, etc., and javaScript (nothing to do with
> java).
> I don't see many web-sites running with Java AS! They are almost in PhP!
> To learn PhP, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars to buy
> dozens of books, like I did in the past. I have no PhP books.
> That easiness makes PhP polular amongst amateurs and professional
> web-developers. 
> regards.
Actually, that is exactly the problem. Everyone and their dog can learn
basics of php in a couple of days, creating illusionary supply of
countless self-appointed web experts with neither skill nor potential to
ever move past the most basic level. Java, on the other hand, is
reasonably easy, but not that easy as to attract people who should never
got into this business in the first place. And that is a Good Thing. As
for prices - it's not that Java programmers are expensive - it's that
illusionary over-supply of php people drive the prices below any
reasonable levels.

Greetings, Lilianne E. Blaze

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