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From M4N - Arjan Tijms <>
Subject Re: Tomcat supporting PHP
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2007 11:58:56 GMT
Joe Nathan wrote:

>You should realize that PHP world is lot bigger than Java world!
I'm not really sure about that. For instance, even PHP web sites 'admit' 
that Java is a great deal larger:,id,27191,nodeid,5.html

Typically book stores (at least in Europe) carry more book about Java 
than about PHP.  On top of that, job websites offer more jobs relating 
to Java than to PHP. A lot depends on your point of view of course. If 
you're into affiliate marketing, you might think the entire world is 
PHP. Most of the small affiliate websites are indeed using PHP. On the 
other hand, if you look at financial systems (banking, travel, etc) you 
would think the entire world is nothing but Java EE.

>Having both will have many merits.
I think there are some usecases for running PHP on a Java AS. Sun itself 
is putting lots of efforts in getting various scripting languages to be 
able to execute on the Java VM. 

I'm suprized though nobody mentioned Quercus yet. This seems to do 
exactly what this topic is about: implementing a PHP interpreter and a 
good deal of PHP's libraries in Java. See:

Here's a blog about using it on something other than Resin (Glassfish):

A while back I read a blog about one guy who benchmarked some PHP 
applications running in this setup (I think he used Tomcat), and found 
the performance was a great deal better than pure PHP. I can't find this 
blog anymore, but in the mean time this one may be interesting to read:


It's a cult. If you've coded for any length of time, you've run across someone from this warped
brotherhood. Their creed: if you can write complicated code, you must be good.

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