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Subject Re: Tomcat supporting PHP
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2007 14:59:46 GMT
Joe Nathan wrote:
> Pid-2 wrote:
>> And how are you judging that?
> You should ask Redhat!

Rather than this turn into big ideological argument, I'd just like to 
suggest to the OP that the Java world might be bigger than he'd 
appreciated - and that it's more meaningful to use the right tool for 
the job in hand.

Tomcat & PHP are not really a good pairing, as has been previously 
stated.  As far as dynamic scripting languages go, Tomcat is better 
paired with something like Groovy.

I think the OP being a little naive to suggest to this list that it's 
members aren't aware of other languages and their respective uses or 
sector popularity.

I meant to ask "by what type of unit are you measuring 'bigger'?", as 
it's a pretty vague term to use.  Counting lots of 'small' websites* 
would be one way, but you could count by, say, Open Source project commits:;compare?l4=php&l1=-1&l5=ruby&l2=java&l6=-1&commit=Update&l0=cncpp&l3=-1

And then you might think that 'the PHP world' is a lot smaller than Java 
or C/C++ and that Tomcat should be expanded to run scripts in C/C++**


*  Yes, big ones too
** Yes, CGI, I know

> For example,
> My products are in Java!
> But my business website is in PHP!
> I see my ISP a;one having customers in thousands 
> who might be using PHP, no Java support. It's the same
> for most small websites, because they cannot hire 
> expensive Java programmers!
> regards.

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