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From Joe Nathan <>
Subject Re: Tomcat supporting PHP
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2007 23:38:39 GMT

arjan tijms wrote:
> I'm not really sure about that. For instance, even PHP web sites 'admit' 
> that Java is a great deal larger:
> Typically book stores (at least in Europe) carry more book about Java 
> than about PHP.  On top of that, job websites offer more jobs relating 
> to Java than to PHP. A lot depends on your point of view of course. If 
> you're into affiliate marketing, you might think the entire world is 
> PHP. Most of the small affiliate websites are indeed using PHP. On the 
> other hand, if you look at financial systems (banking, travel, etc) you 
> would think the entire world is nothing but Java EE.
You only see from your own pond. There are a lot bigger community
out there! There are far more people doing some kind of web-development
for own business, personal website, or professional web-development.
These people don't know much programming, not counted in programmining 
market. Many of them know PhP, ASP, etc., and javaScript (nothing to do with

I don't see many web-sites running with Java AS! They are almost in PhP!
To learn PhP, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars to buy
dozens of books, like I did in the past. I have no PhP books.
That easiness makes PhP polular amongst amateurs and professional


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