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From Dennis Thrys√łe <>
Subject Embedding jasper
Date Tue, 12 Jun 2007 13:27:14 GMT

I'm having some difficulty embedding jasper (5.5.23) in a servlet 
container I've made.

The problem is related to jasper using commons-logging, which uses the 
context classloader for loading logging related classes.

My initial attempt was to load jasper with the servlet containers 
classloader, and then invoking init() and service() with the context 
(webapp) classloader.

But this doesn't work because commons-logging complains about multiple 
Log definitons when commons-logging is in the webapp.

Is the best method to load jasper through the context classloader? I 
guess in this case it would also be necesarry to load ant and commons-el 
through this classloader?

Would this cause problems if a webapp happens to include commons-el 
(which doesn't make much sense) or ant (which makes more sense)?

Any help appreciated,


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