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From Guenter Knauf <>
Subject Re: [ANN] Apache Tomcat JK 1.2.23 Web Server Connector released
Date Sun, 20 May 2007 00:42:51 GMT
Hi all,
> The Apache Tomcat team is pleased to announce the immediate availability
> of version 1.2.23 of the Apache Tomcat Connectors.
somehow I've a problem with our distribution directories......
currently I see:
  empty folder
  empty folder
  empty folder
  empty folder

this makes me ask a couple of questions:
1) why do some folders list older versions while others do not?
2) why do we have a history of the last 3 versions with Win32 but no history for any other
3) where do the older versions go?
4) why do we prefix the directories with 'jk-' although 'jk' is already in the path?

For NetWare I would like to have at least the 1.2.15 release up again since that was last
version where I supported Apache 1.3.x and Netscape - I point to this version in the README
but obviously nobody can download anymore (except from my personal homedir). Sure its no problem
for me just copy this over, but first I wanted to discuss that here, and ask if I probably
missed that there's somewhere an archive from where older versions can be downloaded...
Then I would like to have at least the last three versions always up, + the last version we
have for any platforms where we cant build self, or where the maintainer is currently busy
and some versions behind.
This makes also sense in case it turns out later that we broke something with a release, and
users may have to switch back.

what do you think?

greets, Guen.

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