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From Guenter Knauf <>
Subject Re: [ANN] Apache Tomcat JK 1.2.23 Web Server Connector released
Date Sun, 20 May 2007 20:45:14 GMT
Hi Rainer,
> Yes, I tried to delete all older versions of binaries (tried = as far as
> permissions allowed), but for sme platforms we don't have 1.2.23
> binares, so I kept the latest available ones.
that was what I expected.

> There is an open point, if we can find a way of distributing contributed
> builds. I know we could get some, but there were valid concerns, if we
> shold sign those with our own keys. So we would need some notion of
> "contributed" and could put the binaries there.
hmm, yes, that's a problem...

>>> 4) why do we prefix the directories with 'jk-' although 'jk' is already
>>> in the path?
>> No particular reason I am aware of. We just do.

> Seems to be history, and you decided to drop it for Netware :)
that was by acciedent - did rename the directory to be in sync with the others;
I thought that some longer time ago we did without, but when I looked through the archives
it looked as if we did all the time; so it was merely a question before I checked the archives,
and not the wish to change....

> So if the archives are important, we could replace the link text
> "archives..." with something a little more prominent. Suggestions?
well, thanks to Mark pointing me to the archives I solved this with the README file where
I inserted the link to the archive, so all fine for now; 
and if we find the memory leak with mod_jk AP13 then with 1.2.24 I can again provide binaries
for AP13 and NS.

thanks, Guen.

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