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From "Henri Gomez" <>
Subject Re: mod_jk build: threading detection broken
Date Wed, 30 May 2007 20:56:42 GMT
When I build jk on SLES Linux, I used to build it for the threaded
(mpm) and for the not-threaded (prefork) apache 2.x version.

BTW, configure fail since some release and can't works with apx2-mpm
(The SLES apxs2 for mpm mode). I located the problem in configure and
will report it later.

BTW, on i5/OS, the -D_REENTRANT is forced in module compilation.

2007/5/30, Rainer Jung <>:
> Hi,
> this while mail only concerns non Win and non Netware platforms.
> Our detection of multi-threading during configure for mod_jk is broken.
> We rely on the fact, that APR set -D_REENTRANT during build for
> multi-threaded APR. But in fact
> - APR doesn't set it for various platforms including AIX and Mac OS X
> - APR sets it for the other platforms independant of building a
> multi-threaded Apache httpd or not
> So as a result, for Linux, Solaris and BSD we always build mod_jk with
> thread locks, for AIX and Mac OS X we never have the thread locks (and
> therefore we can produce wonderful crashes).
> I checked installed Apache httpd to find out, how we could detect the
> threading model of the apache httpd against we compile. Unfortunately we
> can only find out the name of the MPM, but not (at least not in a robust
> way) if it is threaded or not.
> Since there are so many MPMs out there and i don't want to manage a long
> table with all those names, I think we have no good way of detecting the
> threading model.
> I suggest, that we build against httpd 2.x always thread-safe, at least
> unless the existing flag -enable-prefork is used and document this
> behaviour.
> This will in fact not change existing behaviour for the platforms
> Solaris, Linux and BSD and will fix problems on AIX and Mac OS X.
> Comments?
> Regards,
> Rainer
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