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Subject svn commit: r540729 - /tomcat/trunk/webapps/docs/maven-jars.xml
Date Tue, 22 May 2007 20:04:24 GMT
Author: fhanik
Date: Tue May 22 13:04:23 2007
New Revision: 540729

added some docs around the maven stuff


Modified: tomcat/trunk/webapps/docs/maven-jars.xml
--- tomcat/trunk/webapps/docs/maven-jars.xml (original)
+++ tomcat/trunk/webapps/docs/maven-jars.xml Tue May 22 13:04:23 2007
@@ -22,17 +22,60 @@
       Snapshots are done periodically, not on a regular basis, but when changes happen and
the Tomcat team deams a new snapshot might 
-    <subsection name="Tomcat Releases">
+    <subsection name="Tomcat Releases(staging)">
       At every release, be it alpha, beta or stable, we will publish the JARs to 
       <a href="">Tomcat's
Staging Repository</a>.
       The URL for this is <source></source>.<br/>
-      At some point, this URL will change over to ASF's main repository that synchronizes
with IBiblio.<br/>
-      When that happens, all releases will be moved over, and this repository will stick
around for a while, but no
-      new releases will be published to the staging repository.
+    </subsection>
+    <subsection name="Tomcat Releases(iBiblio Mirror))">
+      We are also publishing all requested Tomcat JARs to the ibiblio mirror at ASF.
+<section name="Publishing Tomcat JARs to a Maven Repository">
+  <subsection name="Setting Up">
+    Almost everything you need is in the <code>res/maven</code> directory.<br/>
+    Basically the publish is done using ANT, and Maven's ANT tasks.
+    Getting Maven to play well with the SCP protocol can be somewhat of a daunting task
+    so I have tried to explain all the steps here.<br/>
+    <b>Step 1</b><br/>
+    Make sure you have the following installed:<br/>
+    ANT 1.6.5 or later <br/>
+    Maven 2.0.6<br/>
+    JDK 1.5<br/>
+    And then make sure you have the <a href=""><code>res/maven</code></a>

+    directory checked out.<br/>
+    <b>Step 2</b><br/>
+    Download the <a href="">Maven
ANT tasks</a>, due to a delayed release, I've created a patched version
+    so make sure you download <a href="">the
PATCH</a> as well.<br/>
+    Store both these files in the <code>res/maven</code> directory.<br/>
+    <b>Step 3</b><br/>
+    At this point you are ready to rock and roll.
+    Change any properties in the <code></code> file,
or simply create a 
+    file named <code></code> where you can override any properties
you need.<br/>
+    To publish a release do <source>ant -f mvn-pub.xml deploy-release</source><br/>
+    To publish a to a staging repo do <source>ant -f mvn-pub.xml deploy-staging</source><br/>
+    and to publish snapshots do <source>ant -f mvn-pub.xml deploy-snapshot</source><br/>
+    <br/>
+    The next section describes all the steps I had to take to get everything to work publishing
from a Windows box.
+    Some of these steps can be skipped on Unix as the SSH handling works better there.
+  </subsection>
+  <subsection name="Working out the kinks">
+    <b>Getting SCP to work with private/public key authentication</b><br/>
+      1. on a linux box execute 'ssh-keygen -t rsa'<br/>
+      2. same linux box execute 'cat &gt;&gt; authorized_keys' and 'cat &gt;&gt; authorized_keys2'<br/>
+      3. Copy id_rsa and to my windows box<br/>
+      4. Import id_rsa into puttygen<br/>
+      5. export id_rsa from puttygen to OpenSSH key<br/>
+      6. The key you exported from puttygen is the one you reference from the &lt;privateKey&gt;
+      7. Manually create the %USERPROFILE%\.ssh directory<br/>
+      8. Manually add the %USERPROFILE%\.ssh\known_hosts file with the entry for the host
that you are accessing<br/>
+      Some of this has been described in this <a href="">article</a>.
+  </subsection>

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