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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Annotation processing - Geronimo injection
Date Fri, 06 Apr 2007 10:16:58 GMT

On Apr 6, 2007, at 2:54 AM, Remy Maucherat wrote:

> David Jencks wrote:
>> i've worked on this some more and come up with a patch that I feel  
>> more or less comfortable showing to tomcat :-) at https:// 
>> or directly https:// 
>> GERONIMO-3010-3a.patch
> Thanks.
>> I'm happy to open a bugzilla entry and attach the patch to it as  
>> well, but I also need to keep the patch tracked in geronimo until  
>> there's more resolution as to its fate.
>> This patch features:
>> -- xml override of annotations.  There's even a manual test via a  
>> new EnvEntryExample servlet which is present but not entirely  
>> integrated into the examples webapp.
>> -- postCreate and preDestroy annotated methods are looked for on  
>> all superclasses per spec.
>> -- Improved interface name of InstanceManager rather than  
>> LifecycleProvider, thanks David Blevins
> Ok.
>> -- Jasper does not use any Catalina classes, and catalina only  
>> uses a jasper class if it creates its own InstanceManager: if you  
>> supply an InstanceManager yourself there is no classes dependency  
>> of catalina on jasper (although it appears that startup creates a  
>> JspServlet in a default web app???).   This removes the need for  
>> sharing org.apache.AnnotationProcessor between catalina and jasper.
> Submitting this in the patch makes me look at it and consider it,  
> but I much prefer keeping a shared interface between Catalina and  
> Jasper (because otherwise it's pretty obvious one of them becomes  
> dependent on the other; and predictably, the main instance manager  
> extends org.apache.jasper.instanceManagement.InstanceManager).

IIRC everyone who commented on my previous patch complained that I  
had a shared class between catalina and jasper, so I changed it.  If  
tomcat and jasper were truly independent, with no shared classes at  
all, you wouldn't be able to run jasper in tomcat without reflection  
or something that served as a container for both.  I think my current  
implementation makes it clear why, as you note.  I very slightly  
prefer the current implementation because it really does make it  
possible to run jasper in other servlet containers without any  
leakage of catalina classes.  However I really don't care much, and  
am happy to go back to a single interface, but I won't put it in the  
org.apache package.

> Other smaller problems:
> - InstanceManagerFactory in Jasper is a bit too convoluted as far  
> as I am concerned
I'll see if I can think up a simpler way to do this.

> - I still don't know if I agree with removing the security checks  
> out of Catalina, merging checks between filters and servlets, etc
I think that the security checks and related code are really specific  
to the tomcat classloader and you shouldn't force them on containers  
embedding tomcat that use different classloaders.  As far as  
uniformizing the code between servlets, filters, and listeners, I  
still don't understand the problem.  You might well be right, but I'd  
really appreciate concrete details on why some checks are appropriate  
for servlets and not listeners or filters.  Since all of these  
objects are only created once (except for single-thread-model  
servlets, which have all the checks anyway) I don't really see why a  
slight difference in startup speed would outweigh the simplicity of  
uniform code and relative ease of understanding of having the object  
creation policy in one place.

> - Class hierarchy for InstanceManager -> meh (although I suppose it  
> perfectly fits your needs, though ...)
I agree... Geronimo implements its own InstanceManagers for tomcat  
and jasper, so we don't have that problem.  I'd be perfectly happy to  
drop support for AnnotationProcessor entirely, but I kinda doubt you  
would like it so much :-)

>> -- jasper loads classes more directly, tomcat uses care in  
>> figuring out if security precautions are needed and which  
>> classloader should be used.
>> Some more improvements are possible, for example the jasper  
>> generated classes are loaded twice.  I'd rather make sure that the  
>> current state doesn't break a lot of the tck before making a lot  
>> more changes.
> To be honest, this whole stuff may be material. We'll see.

david jencks

> Rémy
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