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From "Henri Gomez" <>
Subject Re: mod_jk on i5/OS v5R4
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2007 19:04:25 GMT
2007/4/17, Rainer Jung <>:
> Apache always initializes twice (all platforms), so this part is usual.
> What seems special though, is that on *nix platforms, the two init runs
> are done by different processes, the second process replaces the first
> one. Your mod_jk log file shows the same pid for both runs. So this
> might be special and lead to unexpected results, because now things are
> really done twice.

Well I5/OS is running in MPM mode so...

> Concerning If your JkWorkersFile is configured, but
> cannot be found you should get an error "Can't find the workers file
> specified" or "Error in reading worker properties from " in your apache
> error log. You didn't post your config, maybe there's a typo in it?

No the file exist but it seems the first time, the module couldn't
access the file system (I didn't know why and wait more informations
from IBM)

> What does not work in your case (judging from the log), is opening a
> shared memory file, it throws errors during both init phases. What's
> errno 3025 on iSeries? Does www/dapserver/logs/ exist and is writable?

Errno 3025 is file/dir not found and as you can see, the second time
it works so it's really something related with I5/OS implementation

> I find a little strange, that your connections pool get autoconfigured
> to the size 250. So it looks like you are using a multi-threaded MPM
> (worker?) with threads per process 250.


>  From this log excerpt, i don't know, what you mean by "the module can't
> be loaded"?

Well the Apache instance exit with error message in its job log (i5/OS
job journal) about error during post-configuration. And if the first
time the i5/OS can't stat the, I suspect it fail
and error when trying to read it.

yes Apache 2.x implementation on i5/OS is a different beast than stock
Apache 2.x and without help from IBM labs it will be difficult to see
what could be done.

BTW, I started to work on the v5R4 UTF mode and will commit more tomorrow

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