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From "Henri Gomez" <>
Subject Re: snprintf/vsnprintf in mod_jk
Date Mon, 16 Apr 2007 12:41:44 GMT
Still on mod_jk and this kind of stuff.

We switch our dev servers from i5/OS v5R4 and many changes occurs in
IBM HTTP Server powered by Apache, and for instance this one :

As of i5/OS™ V5R4, modules must be recompiled with a UTF locale. This
creates an environment where locale-dependent C runtime functions
assume that string data is encoded in UTF-8. Any hardcoded constants
can be encoded in UTF-8 by adding a #pragma convert(1208) statement in
the module. Additionally, input data from the client will no longer be
converted to EBCDIC but will be passed as-is. Output data sent from
the module is not converted either so it must be encoded in ASCII or
UTF8 as required. APR and HTTP APIs as of V5R4, expect data in UTF-8.
Note that several APIs have additional functions that allow a CCSID to
be set to indicate the encoding of the parameters being passed.
Conversion functions between UTF-8 and EBCDIC have been added. Be sure
to review APIs used by your module to be aware of current changes.

Consequence, there is many works in i5/OS (AS400) implementation of mod_jk.

I hope to get some time to works on these adaptations and help is more
than welcome (did there is other i5/OS users around ?).

If I could'nt fix/adapt for i5/OS, we may have to remove the whole
AS400 support in next release of mod_jk ;(


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