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From "Coffman, Steven" <>
Subject Jk_isapi_plugin.c bug #42038 in JK 1.2.20, 21, 22
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2007 14:15:19 GMT
I have a question for 42038. I only recently figured out exactly what
was causing it, so I'm sorry for the bugzilla spam as I zeroed in on it.

(FYI, On IIS, virtual host name can be optionally prefixed, so /*
positive mount always succeeds even if there are non-virtual exclusion

Even if I reverse the order in jk_isapi_plugin.c so that it checks
Default redirection map_uri_to_worker before attempting a Virtual Host
Redirection map_uri_to_worker, it then still needs additional
information to be communicated (that it both matched and no matched for
Default so it should skip Virtual). That either means an additional
parameter (with side effects) passed to map_uri_to_worker, or a global
variable. Either way, it means changing code other code that uses the
map_uri_to_worker. I would prefer to add another parameter.

Is this legit? Can I submit a patch? Or is there an alternate approach
that is preferred?

PS. I just now found Rainer's message:
8) BZ

This is special to IIS. I think it's not a show stopper (it's also not
new), but interesting. Because IIS has the option of prefixing the URL
with the vhost name, exclusion mounts do not work, once you add /* the
the list of positive mounts.


Again, sorry for the bugzilla spam.

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