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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: More on i5/OS and some modifications needed
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2007 13:12:56 GMT
main_log is a static in mod_jk.c, which is initialized as NULL.

It gets set inside open_jklog() which gets called once for every virtual
server by jk_post_config() during server initialization.

The first virtual server inherits its logger conf->log from its
configuration to main_log. It also registers a cleanup handler which
will NULL its conf->log, but that should not change main_log.

main_log should never get reset.

To find the problem, it would be best to first reduce the apache config
to not use any virtual servers.

You can log the value of main_log for debug purposes anywhere in
mod_jk.c, because its a global static.



Henri Gomez schrieb:
> I'm looking for the exception in jk_log. It happen in ws_write right
> now and I wonder what's the life cycle of main_log.
> On i5/OS, the init / post are done on the same thread (not the same on
> Unixes).
> How is reset the main_log ?

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