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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: mod_jk on i5/OS v5R4
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2007 20:03:09 GMT
Hi Henri,

Henri Gomez wrote:
> 2007/4/17, Rainer Jung <>:
>> Apache always initializes twice (all platforms), so this part is usual.
>> What seems special though, is that on *nix platforms, the two init runs
>> are done by different processes, the second process replaces the first
>> one. Your mod_jk log file shows the same pid for both runs. So this
>> might be special and lead to unexpected results, because now things are
>> really done twice.
> Well I5/OS is running in MPM mode so...

Yes, Apache 2.0 always uses MPMs, but on the platforms I know they never 
initialize both times with the same process.

>> Concerning If your JkWorkersFile is configured, but
>> cannot be found you should get an error "Can't find the workers file
>> specified" or "Error in reading worker properties from " in your apache
>> error log. You didn't post your config, maybe there's a typo in it?
> No the file exist but it seems the first time, the module couldn't
> access the file system (I didn't know why and wait more informations
> from IBM)

What I tried to say: the posted log does not give any indication, that 
mod_jk did not find a I just try to understand your 
report, and there is no log line in your posted log, which has to do 
with not finding a

>> What does not work in your case (judging from the log), is opening a
>> shared memory file, it throws errors during both init phases. What's
>> errno 3025 on iSeries? Does www/dapserver/logs/ exist and is writable?
> Errno 3025 is file/dir not found and as you can see, the second time
> it works so it's really something related with I5/OS implementation
> (argh)

Again: in the log part you posted, it does not work the first time and 
it does not work the second time. I read errno 3025 both times.

>>  From this log excerpt, i don't know, what you mean by "the module can't
>> be loaded"?
> Well the Apache instance exit with error message in its job log (i5/OS
> job journal) about error during post-configuration. And if the first
> time the i5/OS can't stat the, I suspect it fail
> and error when trying to read it.

How do you know, that it can't stat the

Any details on the error in the job journal, anything in your standard 
apache error log?



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