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From Filip Hanik - Dev Lists <>
Subject Re: memory leak with shrinking thread pools
Date Thu, 12 Apr 2007 03:48:58 GMT
Here is a revised patch for the memory leak.
One thing I noticed is that it goes a little farther than I think it does.
Since every request processor gets registered with JMX, I just couldn't 
find a spot where it was unregistered.
And since the name was dynamic, ie based on the "count++" variable, 
there would be no way to unregister unless you knew the name.

I suspect, that this memory leak also exists with the old thread pool, 
when you restart the endpoint in a running environment. At that time, 
all the threads get recycled, and most stuff gets unregistered, except 
the RequestInfo objects.

In this patch, I modified the usage of the recycledProcessor cache, to 
have a limit, and also to deregister objects should it be needed.

Personally, I'm still really confused about how everything gets 
registered with the MBean server and then holds hard references into the 
code itself.
On one note, I think the JMX stuff could simply have weak references, as 
in my old patch, but that could have other consequences.

Please comment on this patch, I'm planning on committing it tomorrow 
(Thursday) as it seems to work well for me.


Filip Hanik - Dev Lists wrote:

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