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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r521417 - /tomcat/connectors/trunk/jk/native/common/jk_util.c
Date Sun, 01 Apr 2007 17:35:03 GMT
Hi Mladen,

I checked out jk trunk today and built mod_jk on XP pro using Visual
Studio .net against httpd 2.0.59, 2.2.4 and 1.3.37. The build worked
without problems.

I then made a little test using LogLevel debug without rotatelogs, so
logging directly to file and the resulting log file contained unix line

More precisely: this happened for 2.0.59 and 2.2.4.

For 1.3.37, mod_jk opened the log file, but all log output went directly
to STDOUT or STDERR and produced error log lines like:

[Sun Apr 01 18:58:22 2007] [error] mod_jk: jk_log_to_file [Sun Apr 01
18:58:22 2007] [4132:4580] [debug] ajp_init::jk_ajp_common.c (2137):
buffer size:      0\n failed

Could you check trunk in your build env? I could provide you my build
results and I could also check yours against my Apache/Win.

The reason why I don't simply assume my build is borked, is that I saw
the same unix line endings in some environment running the official
build download (before I introduced the patch).

I think we don't use stdio. APR has apr_file_open() which uses
CreateFile() and apr_file_write() which goes back to WriteFile() on Windows.



Mladen Turk schrieb:
> Rainer Jung wrote:
>> I think I added those after I was frustrated by a customer whose
>> mod_jk logs had all non-windows line endings. Sorry, I didn't really
>> test your change, but my experience questions this patch.
> With you patch the line endings were \r,\r,\n
>> Do we need to set text mode on the file? Will this work for direct
>> logs and piped logs?
> Text mode is default unless you open the file with "ab+"
> The "b" standing for binary.
> Probably not. The logs will have \n line endings unless
> the log rotator itself mangles them.
> Anyhow, either we can have binary files (using read/write)
> instead stdio for logs, and use platform specific lineends,
> or depend on the stdio provided ones.
> Regards,
> Mladen.

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