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From "Yoav Shapira" <>
Subject Re: reload on demand
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2007 15:18:59 GMT

On 3/2/07, Kent Tong <> wrote:
> Filip Hanik - Dev Lists <devlists <at>> writes:
> > sounds like you want the cake and eat it too, follow Yoav's suggestion,
> > and write a macro so that everytime you update a class you touch a
> > watched resource after the update has been complete
> I really don't understand. What's wrong with reloading a changed webapp
> whenever it is accessed?

The general idea is to reload an app when you know it needs to be
reloaded, not when it's accessed, so as to minimize delays as seen by
the users.  It's a basic principle of designing for performance.
However, there's nothing written in stone that says you can't do what
you want: go write the code and have a blast with it ;)  That's part
of the fun of open-source software...


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