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From "Fabien Carrion" <>
Subject Re: Annotation processing - Geronimo injection
Date Sun, 25 Mar 2007 01:26:24 GMT

Here is my point of view.

I like the idea of "<create a new instance through various kinds of
magic>" to be replaced by "nice code that can do the object creation
and  injection in one step".
As I am still new on the code of Tomcat, having all the code
concentrated for the object creation and injection is a good idea. I
remember to have problem to find out where the filter, servlet...
objects were created when I did my first patch on the annotations. But
I have no solution to implement it on tomcat.

The patch doesn't seems to modify nothing on the catalina side
(,, Just the
jasper side is taken in account.

I don't think an adapter between the LifecycleProvider interface and the
AnnotationProcessor interface is a good idea. This is one layer more
between the code which does the work and the code which requires the
work. The adapter has to be maintained. It is more work for us.



On 3/24/07, Filip Hanik - Dev Lists <> wrote:
> yo,
> I've been in touch with the folks at Geronimo.
> They use dependency injection, and have a suggestion on how they would
> like the annotation processor to be able to be injected into tomcat
> Here is the email
> Here is the proposed patch:
> I'd take out the word LifecycleProvider, and replace it with something
> else as it conflicts with our own idea of Lifecycle.
> I'd like to get your feedback, this is a chance step for our two
> communities to work together.
> Filip

Fabien Carrion

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