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From "Christophe Pierret" <>
Subject RE: Re: reload on demand
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2007 11:25:29 GMT
> Kent Tong writes:
> Yoav Shapira <yoavs <at>> writes:
> > There's reloadable as a Context attribute, documented at 
> >, and you

> > can also define a list of static resources (not classes) to be
> > to trigger a reload, via the WatchedResources element.  See the page

> > above and the default Context.xml that ships with Tomcat for an 
> > example.
> Yes, I know about the reloadable flag. But what I'd like is to reload
> only when the webapp is accessed again. I don't want it to keep
> when I make changes to my Java files. Only when I am ready to test run
> would I like it to reload automatically.

Then you can create a dirty.txt file that you add as a WatchedRessource.
When you are ready to run, "touch" it and it will reload automatically.

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