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From "Yoav Shapira" <>
Subject Re: Let's get 5.5.21 out the door...
Date Sat, 03 Feb 2007 01:35:15 GMT

On 2/2/07, Mark Thomas <> wrote:
> Given that a -1 vote is not valid for a release vote, as soon as we

Umm, why is a -1 not valid for a release?  It can be overridden with a
majority of and at least 3 +1 votes, but it's valid.  It's also why
the vote cannot be concluded in hours, but must run for a reasonable
amount of time to give those with binding votes a chance to voice
their mind.  Usually we use ~72 hours as "reasonable."  Otherwise you
could theoretically be done with a vote in seconds, not hours: just
the time it takes for 3 +1 emails.


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