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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Quality check mod_jk 1.2.21-dev
Date Mon, 26 Feb 2007 16:11:08 GMT
Hi all,

the next version of mod_jk is approaching its release. A code snapshot 
is available at

It is in the same format as a release download, so easy to build. Under 
the same URL you can find the updated documentation.

It would be nice, if we could get some testing feedback from the 
community. Feel free to post any observations. Depending on your 
feedback we plan to tag the release at the end of the week.

The most important changes are:

Configuration parsing:

- Check worker attributes for unknown names during startup
- Add warning if duplicate map keys are read and are not allowed, e.g. 
when parsing
- Don't concat worker names, if has a duplicate 
pattern, instead overwrite the worker.
- Fix Fix off-by-one problem when deleting URL 
mapping during reloading of


- Optional session id stripping for URLs, that are *not* being forwarded 
(Apache, IIS)


- Changed semantics of empty defaults for JkEnvVar variables.
- BZ 41610: Fix incorrect detection of missing Content-Length header 
leading to duplicate headers.

IIS Plugin

- Refactoring isapi_plugin configuration reading.

Sun Web Server

- Better build support for SunONE (Netscape/iPlanet) webservers.

Status Worker

- JkStatus: Allow lb sub workers in error state to be marked for 
recovery administratively from the status worker.
- Add configuration to make status worker user name checks case insensitive.
- JkStatus: Show estimated time until next global maintenance.
- Change displayed time until next recovery to a min/max pair.
- JkStatus: Allow a user of a read/write status worker to switch it to 
and from read_only mode temporarily.
- JkStatus: Do not show read/write commands in a read_only status worker.
- JkStatus: Improved logging by adding status worker name to messages. 
Added messages to the recover worker action.
- Load Balancer: Do not try to recover multiple times in parallel. Use 
additional runtime states "PROBE" and "FORCED".
- JkStatus: Improve data synchronization between different processes.
- JkStatus: Refactoring searching for workers and sub workers.


- 41381: Fix segfault in feature fail_on_status.


- Use correct windows line endings for log file on WIN32 platform.
- Add some more errno logging and unify the format.

The full change log is available under

Thanks for your valuable time!



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