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From Quartz <>
Subject Re: Let's get 5.5.21 out the door...
Date Fri, 02 Feb 2007 22:43:13 GMT
> But IMHO, I am more interested in seeing a 6.0.x release than 5.5.21 :)
> 5.5.21, could be a eternal beta like 5.0.30 for those sticking to that
> version.


May the user base have pity on you...

Since 5.0.27 until 5.5.9 versions, tomcat had the classloader thread safety show stopper #33743.

since 5.5.10, tomcat versions have another regression (#41017 : cannot clear a header through
httpresponse.setHeader(name, null)), which is only fixed in 5.5.21.

I may be a rare case, but given that combination above and the many other fixes in 5.5.21,
that it is likely to be very welcomed and may cause many users to finally move to 5.5, and
possibly  go on with less insecurities about 6.0. I know I am stuck with 5.0.30 because my
has had it with wasted time for doing tomcat workarounds. This is just my own example of
overlapping bugs making it difficult to migrate.

Thanks for your comprehension.

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