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From Dominik Pospisil <>
Subject Re: org.apache.catalina.util.InstanceSupport.fireInstanceEvent
Date Wed, 28 Feb 2007 10:52:31 GMT
> Dominik Pospisil wrote:
> > So I am thinking if this could not be the problem. Is is necessary to be
> > this implementation synchronized?
> Given the implementation, you are not supposed to be using instance
> listeners at this time except for debugging purposes.
> Since InstanceSupport is array based, I don't see the point of the
> sync+clone which happens in there.
> Rémy


thanks for fixing that issue. In my test I can see ~30% improvement in number 
of concurrent sessions correctly served by single Tomcat instance. But still 
it did not solved it completely.

My idea is, that if there are enough memory and IO resources, Tomcat will be 
able to handle all the clients "equally". So if there are clients which 
produce equal constant load they should be served all and with the same 
average response times. Do you think that it is achievable?

The question is what should "equally" exactly mean. I know that in real 
scenario there are various clients with different connections and injection 
rates so just a simple FIFO rule would not be sufficient. Moreover, I am new 
to Tomcat internals and at this point I have no idea of how it should work at 

But what about general idea of having some scheduler which will somehow 
control thread execution? Is it good idea or something completely wrong?

Thanks for any comments,


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