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From M Coffee <>
Subject Re: Building the Jasper compiler
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2007 21:16:16 GMT

Thanks for responding.  This explains why I couldn't find an independent build process for
 So I'll continue patching the jar, and wait for the development you do on Gentoo.  If you
do any
work on the Jasper compiler, please think about addressing the problem of getting reasonably
source code lines numbers (jsp or java would be fine) from a JSP compile error.  It worked
well in
Tomcat 4, but the Jasper compiler in Tomcat 5 does a poor job of it.  That's why we haven't
switched our development environments to Tomcat 5, and why I'm trying to do some sort of hack
at least see the underlying compiler error messages.

M Coffee

--- "William L. Thomson Jr." <> wrote:

> On Mon, 2007-02-12 at 10:21 -0800, M Coffee wrote:
> > Could I ask again for a reference to instructions on how to build the
> > Jasper compiler?  The Building.txt that comes with it does not work
> > for me (Win2K, jdk 1.5, ant 1.7.0).
> It's not going to be on windows, but on Gentoo we will have a
> tomcat-jasper package. There was a jakarta-tomcat-jasper, that was old
> based on 5.0.28 sources, and I punted it from the tree since no one was
> using it. It's purpose was for Jetty, since Jetty uses Tomcat's Jasper.
> I had to rip out the guts, and make a build.xml specifically for
> tomcat-servlet-api. I will be doing the same at some point for
> tomcat-jasper. So if no one else responds with info, check the Gentoo
> viewcvs/svn for either the tree, or one of our java overlays in a few
> weeks. Presently I have no motivation to work on the package, but will
> see about it over the upcoming weeks.
> Once I do, you can take the build.xml and it should work on windows or
> etc.
> > Or, would you let me know if it is not possible to build the Jasper
> > compiler except through the Tomcat build?
> I am sure it's possible, but might be some steps involved. I would
> recommend looking at the existing build.xml for anything specific to
> jasper and rip that out and put into it's own build.xml. You will need
> to make your own compiling target, and omit any stuff that is not
> necessary to compiling or building jasper.
> > I have been able to compile individual classes in jasper, so that's
> > what I've been doing, and patching the working jar I have.  But I'd
> > rather be following an ant build process, just to be sure that all of
> > the environment is being referenced correctly.
> Their used to be multiple build.xml's. Which on one level was nice for
> splitting up the package. But on another made some things really a pain.
> I much prefer the single build.xml to multiple.
> > Is there a mailing list just for Jasper that I should be sending this
> > question to?
> It's my understanding through past comments on this list that Jasper is
> an integral port of Tomcat. It was developed for Tomcat, it will change
> along with Tomcat versions. So this would be the right list and place,
> unless things have changed ;)
> -- 
> William L. Thomson Jr.
> Gentoo/Java

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