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From "C. Halstead" <>
Subject Accepted meaning of 'should' in spec documents
Date Wed, 28 Feb 2007 18:15:39 GMT

Just a quick clarification question, and sorry if it's a basic one.  When interpreting various
spec documents is the qualifier 'should' always taken to indicate that something is optional?

Two cases in point:

Bug 41718 was marked as an enhancement request with the explanation of "should == optional"

Bug 41722 pertains to a web.xml element that is referred to in the spec once with (emphasis
mine) "A security-role-ref element *should* contain a role-link sub-element..." and then later
with " optional link to a security role(role-link)."

I'm just trying to understand the standards applied when interpreting the spec.



C. Halstead <>
SourceLabs -
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