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From Dies Koper <>
Subject Re: Fix for old SAX issue causing bug 40356
Date Wed, 24 Jan 2007 07:49:45 GMT
>>   Expressions are evaluated left-to-right in the JSP page.
>> This does not apply when expressions are used in attributes?
> well, no. however section 1.14 may apply.
> <spec-quote version="2.0" spec="jsp" section="1.14" reason="ambiguous">
> The interpretation of all actions start by evaluating the values given to 
> its attributes left to right, and assigning the values to the attributes.
> </spec-quote>
> A quick search didn't turn up much, but my recolection is that SAX isn't 
> required to be order-preserving on attributes.

I have added this info for my (and my colleagues :)) reference to the
bug report but won't reopen it unless I run into a clear statement in a
SAX or XML spec about order preserving of attributes.

I realize I did not get much support for having this fixed, or even have
a patch considered if I'd prepare one, but I can't tell my clients so
easily that their applications have crazy hacks (unless they go against
the Servlet/JSP spec) so please forgive me for trying!

Thanks again,

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