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From Filip Hanik - Dev Lists <>
Subject Tomcat Jars - Maven2 repo
Date Tue, 16 Jan 2007 20:17:08 GMT
Ok, I have completed the scripts for the Maven repo publishes. One 
section is for publishing a snapshot, and the other is for publishing 
our release JARs.
Snapshots go to: 
and releases go to: 

After trying for two days, I can get Maven (mvn deploy:deploy-file) to 
work properly on windows. there is no documentation for how the 
underlying JCraft library actually is assumed to work, I think it has 
hard coded paths for known_hosts etc.
If anyone wants to take a stab at this, please let me know, the script I 
created, is used by ant and simply executes Maven command line commands.
Using maven's ant tasks seemed far more complicated than that, so I 
skipped those all together.

Steps to do a snapshot

1. cd trunk
2. ant download
3. ant
4. ant -f extras.xml
5. cd res/maven
6. Edit (default values are in
7. ant -f mvn-pub.xml deploy-snapshot

Steps to deploy a release
1. Either do step 1-4 from above on the correct tag, or unzip a release 
including and copy in the extras directory)
2. cd res/maven
3. Edit (default values are in
4. ant -f mvn-pub.xml deploy-release

We can run with this setup for a while, once outside folks are happy 
with the "release" jars, we can start deploying to ASF Ibiblio sync 
repo, so they get copied to the central repository.


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