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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Re: 6.0 status
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2006 16:36:43 GMT
Yoav Shapira wrote:
> Hi,
> On 12/21/06, Remy Maucherat <> wrote:
>> I think it would be nice to proceed with a vote for 6.0.6 (no stable
>> this time either due to another batch of small glitches, but I think it
>> could be a beta if no further problems are found), as long as releasing
>> a new 6.0.7 alpha build.
> We might as well leave 6.0.6 as it is right now, alpha, and focus
> efforts on 6.0.7, in which we can shoot for a stable-quality build.

Yes, but it's not really possible to release a stable without a few 
betas before it, regardless of its quality. Another way is to gradually 
upgrade a build: alpha (a little time passes) -> beta (a little bit more 
time passes) -> stable.

>> Admin: I didn't see anyone yet complain or ask for the admin webapp in
>> 6.0, so I suppose it's really ok to not have it
>> comments?
> Four related thoughts, which I think add up to why it's not urgent to
> do work on our own admin app for Tomcat 6.
> One, the management app market has matured since the admin webapp was
> originally developed:  there are now a bunch of capable admin apps
> that support Tomcat: the lambda probe, hyperic, jmanage, mc4j, BEA's
> thing, etc.
> Two, as our JMX support has improved, it's become easier for people to
> script their own stuff together via JMX consoles, Ant scripts, etc, so
> there's less usage of the manual click to do stuff admin webapp.
> Three, and this is kind of an accidental bonus: I think users got used
> to not having an admin webapp out of the box once we changed the
> Tomcat 5.5 distro, and that's led to more users doing #1 and #2 above
> rather than relying on our admin webapp out of the box.
> Four, we've only had alpha releases, and I assume the uptake on these
> has been fairly low.  Once we label a release as beta or, even more,
> stable, we'll get a bunch more testers, and then we'll see if/how much
> complaining there is about the admin webapp.

6.0.2 is beta, so there's at least one beta out there (it did attract 
testers, nobody was testing 6.0 before).


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