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From Markus Schönhaber <>
Subject Re: Tomcat-6.0.6 - path attribute not honored in Context descriptor files.
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2006 14:49:47 GMT
boris wrote:
> I know that it works according to the documentation but I can't
> ignore the fact that I believe it's wrong. 

If you think the way Tomcat handles deployment is wrong, OK. But I don't think 
you convince the developers (I'm not one, BTW) to change their point of view 
by hijacking a thread and posting a "problem" report.

> If you look closer in 
> the code of HostConfig.deployDescriptors() you note that others has
> missed the ability to set the context path and has hidden it in the
> filename which is neither portable nor documented.

1. I don't know whether this mechanism is supposed to be portable (in fact, I 
strongly doubt it). If you think it violates the specs, you should quote the 
correspondig passage which says it has to be done otherwise.
2. It's documented. I even quoted the relevant part of the documentation in my 
previous post.

>             File contextXml = new File(configBase, files[i]);
>             if (files[i].toLowerCase().endsWith(".xml")) {
>                 // Calculate the context path and make sure it is unique
>                 String nameTmp = files[i].substring(0, files[i].length() -
> 4); String contextPath = "/" + nameTmp.replace('#', '/'); if
> (nameTmp.equals("ROOT")) {
>                     contextPath = "";
>                 }
> If you understand me I believe it's a mistake to tie the Context
> descriptors file name to the context path while there is a clean and
> documented way of defining the path in the context tag. In this aspect
> I believe the way it worked in TC-4.1 is to prefer and I ask you
> to reconsider it.

You could file an enhancement request in bugzilla.
Or, you could search the list archives. I'd consider it possible that you find 
some explanation why the devs decided to change the way how the app-path is 


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