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From "Henri Gomez" <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Move all facade classes to a dedicated package
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2006 10:40:06 GMT
While we're discuss about change in TC 5.5, what about using the TC 6
JMX modeler in TC 5.5 ?

the JMX modeler used in Tomcat (4.1/5/5.5) use too many memory when
the Tomcat is hosting many webapps each of with many Servlets/JSPs.

We switch from TC 3.3 to 5.5 and see a memory consumption multiplied
by a factor of 2.

Using iSeries Java analyse tools, we see that memory is used mainly
used in MBeans / modeler area. Costin, Remy and Yoav suggested me to
test TC 6.x and then the memory use fall back to a normal level (just
some Mb more than a TC 3.3).

Should we consider this memory use a bug or showstopper in general
case I'm not sure, but in our company case, we had to go back to TC
3.3 until the problem is fixed.

Code is available in Tomcat 6, to make Tomcat 5.5 less memory hungry
in such situations, question is now, could we use it ?

Regards and thanks for your time

>2006/11/15, Remy Maucherat <>:
> Mark Thomas wrote:
> > Thoughts? Comments? Objections?
> On second thought, I'm not sure it's a good idea to do it without some
> verifications. For example, if reflection is allowed on the facades,
> then it will probably allow getting the reference to the real object,
> which should not be allowed.
> IMO, this reflection stuff is not legitimate use.
> Rémy
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