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From Mladen Turk <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Change in behaviour of
Date Tue, 21 Nov 2006 12:30:52 GMT
Rainer Jung wrote:
>>>> E.g. if one empties the, reloading it does not
>>>> change the internal mount list. Temporarily adding and later removing an
>>>> entry will not remove the entry.
>>> That's the entire point.
> But this is not what a user expects from a change in a list.

I know, but like said, the current implementation
relies only on disabling existing rules with '-'.

>>> Sure. The entire idea of reloading a
>>> was to temporary disable some pre-existing mount.
> I understand, but it can be used in a much more powerful way.
> It's an external file with an easy syntax, so external monitor and
> manage scripts can easily manipulate it's contents.

If you think you can do that in a simple way, then fine.
But if it would require a lots of changes, then I think
we should go with the more powerful solution as part
of 1.3 branch, by using shared memory, web interface, etc.

I just don't think that this is so important if you
still cannot manage it via jkstatus.


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