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From Michiel Meeuwissen <>
Subject Re: findAncestorWithClass in a tag, used in a tag-file
Date Tue, 21 Nov 2006 17:37:07 GMT
Michiel Meeuwissen wrote:
> Hello.
> I notice that in tomcat 5.5.20, in contradiction to tomcat 5.5.17, the
> findAncestorWithClass method of a Tag now also looks outside the tag-file,
> if the tag is used in a tag-file. So, if you use a tag implemented by a
> tag-file inside some tag, and inside the file of the tag-file you use a tag
> which uses 'findAncestorByClass' it can now see the tag in which the tag of
> the tag-file was used.
> Since this breaks the functionality of tag-library I'm maintaining I was
> wondering if this was an intentional change, and whether the current
> behaviour or the previous one was correct. It's not clear to me from at
> least the javadoc of Tag.

The difference is also clear from the generated .java code for such a

   _jspx_th_mm_import_0.setParent(new javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.TagAdapter((javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.SimpleTag)
this ));

Does anybody know which class does generate this code? I may want to look
in the history of that, for a clue why it was actually changed.

Anyhow, the current opinion seems to be that the parent of a tag in a
tag-file is the tag which is implemented by this tag-file. Correct?


Michiel Meeuwissen                  mihxil'
Peperbus 107 MediaPark H'sum          []()
+31 (0)35 6772979         nl_NL eo_XX en_US

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