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From Jonas Pasche <>
Subject Bugfixes for tcnative-1.1.7 specfile
Date Thu, 16 Nov 2006 17:29:58 GMT
Hi out there,

while trying to install the tcnative module found in the tarball of
Tomcat 6.0.2-alpha (subpackaged into bin/tomcat-native.tar.gz) I found
that the specfile - even if it includes the current version number - is
heavily broken and doesn't build a valid package. The tcnative specfile
in the tarball of Tomcat 5.5.20 is even more broken, so I started to
rework the specfile of the most current version, tcnative 1.1.7.

I fixed the following errors:

- The Makefile no longer provides "make dox", so the equivalent call in
  the specfile fails. I removed it, together with the doxygen
  requirement (as there's nothing left doxygen could work on), the
  manual doc install section and the %doc parts of the %files section.

- The Makefile no longer provides "make testall", so the equivalent call
  in the specfile fails. I removed the %check section.

- The %files section for tcnative-devel lists *.h but the Makefile
  simply doesn't install these files so they either don't get included
  in tcnative-devel or building the package completely fails, depending
  on RPM's settings. I added a section to that installs the
  *.h files.

The result is a specfile that cleanly builds:

$ rpm -qpl tcnative-1.1.7-2.i386.rpm

$ rpm -qpl tcnative-devel-1.1.7-2.i386.rpm

I created a diff file to implement these changes:

Please verify if it's okay for inclusion into the main tree to help
others cleanly building RPMs with tcnative. Thank you!


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