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From "Wendy Smoak" <>
Subject Re: Testing Tomcat 6.0.0 alpha
Date Sun, 29 Oct 2006 23:54:35 GMT
On 10/27/06, Yoav Shapira <> wrote:

> I thought our internal repos weren't auto-sync'ed to ibiblio, which is
> why people at infra and general@incubator are having a discussion
> about Apache repo mirroring right now?  Maybe I misunderstood.

Under we have

The snapshot and incubating repositories are currently not mirrored,
that's what is under discussion.

> I'd rather start off right and do it in the Maven 2, not Maven 1,
> structure.  The scripts I've seen are about equally easy...  But let
> us know what you think after you double check, please.

I was thinking easier in terms of 'drop the jars and poms here' which
you can do with the m1 repo structure, but not with m2 since it needs
a bunch of xml metadata along with the artifacts.  However, I
completely forgot about the Ant tasks that are now available.

BTW, it doesn't matter which Apache repo (m1- or m2-) you put them in,
they'll end up in the same place on ibiblio.  (There is really only
one central repo, the m2 structure.  The m1 version is done with
rewrite rules.)

It would be a good idea to ask some Maven users to review the poms you
intend to upload to the repository.  Getting the dependencies correct
is important, and making changes after the fact isn't usually allowed.


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