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From Eric G <>
Subject missing unregisterWrapper in
Date Mon, 30 Oct 2006 05:13:33 GMT

I am currently working on implementing an OSGi Http service based on the full-fledged Tomcat
running inside the OSGi environment as an OSGi bundle. To implement Http service, the major
functionality I require from Tomcat is that it should allow for dynamic adding/removing servlet
and servlet-mapping without having to restart context for many reasons such as performace
consideration, etc.

After having worked with Tomcat for some time, I found the goal is hard to achieve without
modification to the current code of Tomcat (I am using 5.5.17), the following is my understanding
of the reason why:

The mapping info are mostly maintained at two places: StandardContext and Connector, each
StandardContext only contains servlet-mappings pertaining to itself, but a Connector includes
not only all servlet-mappings from all StandardContext instances but also the virtual host,
context mappings for the servlet container. The mapping info at these places must be consistent,
otherwise, Http request dispatch may run into prolems. The current mechanism used to synchronize
them is through JMX Mbean registration/unregistration events: StandardContext creates/destroys
servlet wrapper mbeans for the servlets being added/removed to/from the context, and the Connector
(actually a MapperListener owned by it) listens to the events and updates its mapping info
accordingly. But I found only registerWrapper is provided in at the moment,
no associated unregisterWrapper is there. This prevents previously registered servlet mapping
info from being able to be removed from the
 Connector even if the servlet and its mapping info has been removed from its containing context,
and subsequently prevents other servlet from being registered under the same servlet path
with Connector.

For instance, I first add a servlet X to the root context at path "/test-servlet" and then
remove the servlet and its mapping info from the context by invoking removeServletMapping
and removeChild on the context, but due to the reason aforementioned, the mapping "/test-servlet"
to the servlet will still be kept in Connector. So later, when I try to add a servlet Y to
the root context at the same path "/test-servlet" again, the old mapping at path "/test-servlet"
kept in Connector will prevent the mapping info from being updated due to the rule that only
distinct servlet path is allowed to be registered. This makes the Http requests to the servlet
Y mistakenly dispatched by Connector to servlet X and eventually leads to failures.

The fix I have tried is that we can add the unregisterWrapper method and corresponding mbean
unregistration event handling to the so that the MapperListener can always
keep the mapping info maintained in StandardContext and Connector consistent.

Any thoughts?


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