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From "Sriram Narayanan" <>
Subject Advice sought on closing bugs
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2006 15:36:43 GMT

I've decided to help out with resolving bugs on Tomcat.

I decided to look at Tomcat 3.3 since we mention it on the Tomcat web site.

Some bug reports that were marked as blockers, were clearly requests
for help. I've marked those as INVALID, with a message that such
questions are better asked on tomcat-user.

How do I deal with bug reports that deal with very old versions of
Tomcat ? And which were filed years ago ? See for a sample.

Which if the following is most appropriate in the case of Tomcat 3 ?
1. Close the bug, asking that the user try with a more stable version
of Tomcat in that version (e.g., 3.3.2, 4.1.34, 5.5.17)
2. In case the bug report has been filed against the most stable
revision of a Tomcat version, ask the user if the problem still
exists, to send us more input, and mark the bug as NEEDINFO ?


-- Sriram

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