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From Filip Hanik - Dev Lists <>
Subject Re: [6.0] Updates
Date Fri, 29 Sep 2006 14:49:09 GMT
Remy Maucherat wrote:
> Costin Manolache wrote:
>> IMO both clustering implementations should be provided as separate
>> downloads.
>> No need to put them in sandbox ( since they were released in the 
>> past, it's
>> 'proven' code ).
>> Not sure if they should be in separate repos or it's ok to have both 
>> of them
>> in the main tree.
looks like the question of old vs new impl is turning into module or no 
module, so I'll try to very briefly address both of them.

1. old vs new
Yes, the new one is an evolution of the old one, and not even the entire 
implementation, simply the IO layer, which is now much cleaner, easier 
to maintain, and not turn into the old spaghetti that I wrote with the 
old impl :)
the o.a.catalina.ha package is the same as the replication logic from 
the old package.
so why not the old package, the answer is easy. We are already short on 
committers and committer activity, with such a small group, I believe 
everyone will benefit if the focus is smaller.

2. module or no module, repo or no repo
with the tomcat-light being built, there is no reason why tomcat 
shouldn't contain 300k extra to easily enable clustering. so far we 
haven't seen any donations or suggestions that anyone else is gonna 
bring in a different module, so I do believe its better the way it is 
setup today.
> Wow, this is harsh ;)
> I'll maintain my position (since people hate me enough already):
> - the code is proven enough so that a clustering impl remains bundled 
> (given it's been force fed in 5.5)
> - it's not a good idea to remove features that were included in a 
> previous version
> - only one implementation bundled, however; I favor the new one right 
> now, as Filip claims it's merely a cleanup and an evolution of the old 
> one, and nobody has shown yet it was hopelessly broken
> - it's rather small, so it's ok (at 300k, it's far smaller than the 
> admin webapp), esp since people could also use it in their apps
> I think I prefer keeping a little more code in the core repository 
> which would otherwise be absolutely needed. It doesn't hurt, and it 
> makes people happy.
yes, easier to maintain, and I believe that was the main goal of the TC6 
source consolidation.


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