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From Mark Barnes <>
Subject Re: Source for Packages org.apache.tomcat.dbcp and below?
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2006 23:46:25 GMT
Remy Maucherat wrote:
> Mark Barnes wrote:
>> But back to my original question:
>> Where is the actual source to this "re-packaged" class???  I cannot 
>> find it in the downloaded source tree.
>> Which version of commons.dbcp was re-packaged?
>> If I look at the commons.dbcp source can I be absolutely sure it's the 
>> same version of the class in the jar file?
> The source in that case is the build script (and looking at which 
> versions are used doesn't hurt, of course).

Okay, I see that this re-packaging is done on the fly during tomcat build.

So how do I find the correct source of commons.dbcp from when tomcat 5.5.17 was 

I look at the current (1.2.1) DBCP source, and it looks like it cannot possibly 
be what tomcat 5.5.17 is using.  If my code were to call the 1.2.1 version of 

     BasicDataSource.getConnection(String username, String password)

...I would expect to get an UnsupportedOperationException from class 
PoolingDataSource.  It's not the outcome I would have hoped for, but at least it 
makes it seem someone has at least noted the problem I am having and has written 
a "fix" for it, of sorts, making the method unsupported.  What I am seeing 
instead is an error from the database complaining about an invalid 
username/password.  The username and password being passed into getConnection() 
obviously are not being used.

Apparently, Application-managed DataSource authorization (auth=Application) is 
not implemented in Tomcat.  But I guess I can try the fallback of setting the 
username and password properties instead for the BasicDataSource, but to do it I 
must cast to BasicDataSource.  So much for write-once-run-anywhere.

Thanks again for your comments.


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