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From Filip Hanik - Dev Lists <>
Subject Re: Funding someone to fix a few bugs
Date Mon, 11 Sep 2006 16:35:40 GMT
George Sexton wrote:
> Is it permitted to offer to fund someone to fix a few bugs? I have 
> three things I'd like to see fixed. One trivial, and two non-trivial.
I don't see this as a problem, all ASF committers are being funded 
somehow to enable them to do their contributions here.
Some work for companies that let them do it full time, other fund their 
own involvement here through outside consulting.

As with any patches, you can offer someone $ to come up with a patch, 
that patch will be submitted, reviewed and if accepted applied to the 
code base.
> As background, I'm using tomcat to host our web calendar software. I'm 
> currently running some 300+ virtual hosts in one instance of tomcat. I 
> add or remove between 5-8 virtual hosts per day. Because of these 
> defects, new hosts don't have logs until Tomcat is re-started, and 
> removed hosts generate an error when users try to access them.  To add 
> and remove the hosts, I'm using custom software that calls the tomcat 
> host-manager application.
> The bug IDs are:
> Host Manager Add Host Problems w/ Spaces
> context.xml not used when new host created. I haven't re-tested this 
> since it's submission.
> Requests for host removed via Host Manager not sent to Engine Default 
> Host
> If this is permitted, and anyone is interested, please send me an 
> EMail off-list so we can make arrangements.
> If this is not permitted, please say so and I will try to come up with 
> some other method of fixing these issues.


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