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From Mukesh Punhani <>
Subject PersistentValve and PersistentManager inTomcat 5.5
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2006 17:23:22 GMT

I was wondering if Dev team could comment on state of
PersistentValve and PersistentManager in Tomcat 5.5.
Specifically, is it in a stable usable state
(discouting for lack of thorugh testing). Also, are we
moving in a direction where it might get more
attention in future (e.g. more thorough testing) or
are we moving in a direction where it might get
deprecated in favor of other clustering solutions. 

PersistentValve and PersistentManager combination
seems to work fine for my simple clustering scenario
but lack of attention to it in Documentation and a few
inconsistencies (as described below) make me suspect
of its future.

PersistentValve is not mentioned at all in Valve
section of Configuration
I wonder if it's even a "supported"
Valve though it works.
Also, if I put a Valve section for PersistentValve
under Context section in context.xml, I get
ClassCastException though it should be valid to put
Valve under a Context. I ended up putting in under
Host section of server.xml to make it work.

Any "official" word on current state and/or
anticipated future of PersistentVale/PersistentManager
will be appreciated.


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